Interior Renovations

Interior-Design-and-Decoration-(5)Spectacular interior design is a trademark of a professional skilled trade. Not many skilled trades possess this trait. Design can be uniquely distinguished from one to another by mere color choices, style concept and personal taste. Whether your home consists of 15 bedrooms or your unit that is only 700 square feet, interior design is crucial to create the look and feel that will match your needs as well as your preferences.

Prior to enhancing the design of your home, the first step to getting the design inspiration clearly in your mind. Think of what it is that encouraged you to take action to interior design. Was it a photograph in the magazine you have seen? or a model home you have visited? or that spiral slide stairway you’ve seen on Houzz — getting the idea at hand prior to picking materials for construction will save you time and energy in the overall project.

Also it is very important to ask yourself what do you want your space to become and what will it be used for. Figure out what you must have as well as what you shouldn’t. Interior design services can become expensive, so the best option is to be up front with the thoroughly thought out plan. Bring whatever material you may have to present your ideas.

What questions should you ask interior designers;

  • Can I see your portfolio?
  • How long would the project take?
  • What are the project management fees?
  • Can you provide me with referral?
  • How many projects do you do at once?
  • Where do you operate?

At Mario Home Renovations, Mario is an interior designer as well as a general contractor. We work on custom homes, home additions and complete home renovations for over 15 years. Our team and partners can easily transform your vision into a spec drawing that our contractors can easily implement and install into your home. Our portfolio varies from custom design to stock, which can work your budget.

We would like to welcome you to our sites to preview our work in progress as well as completed work by our team over the years of production. We encourage you to tell us the sort of design you are looking for, whether it is traditional, contemporary, modern or any other, and we will meet at site to preview few completed projects.

Being working with us today. At Mario Home Renovations, we have great feedback from our clients. We can provide you with referrals or you can easily visit our HomeStars profile to preview what our clients say about us and our interior designer services in Toronto and across the GTA.