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If you’re ready to undertake a renovation project of any size, you have a vision of precisely what you’re looking for – we are here for you! Whether it’s a new kitchen, a new bathroom, a finished basement or an entirely new home that you’re dreaming of, we at Mario’s Home Renovation are ready to help.

Our job at Mario’s Home Renovation is to take your vision and make it a reality. We start by listening to you describe your vision and ask questions to make sure we understand. Only once our picture is as clear as your own, we begin to create the design for your renovation. Our goal is to ensure that everything is to your exact specifications. When it’s time to start your project, we go to work and complete the renovations just as we discussed, on time and within budget.

Mario’s Home Renovation is the Greater Toronto Area’s leading home renovations service. We have 15 years of experience completing home and commercial renovation projects of all sizes. During our decade of making our clients’ renovation visions a reality, we have worked in a variety of settings and installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of ceramic, porcelain and marble tile in custom houses, condos and new subdivisions.

Whatever your renovation project entails, we’re here to help. By choosing Mario’s Home Renovation, you’ll get a true partner for your project. We’ll ensure everything is completed just the way you envisioned in a stress-free, hassle-free project. That’s our promise to all of our customers, and it’s what makes our business continue to grow year after year.

Call Mario’s Home Renovation today to begin turning your vision into reality.

Home Additions in Greater Toronto

Do you find that your house lacks the space and openness that a home should carry? Have you considered expanding and enlarging the overall space and accessibility of your home? Well look no further! A perfect way to achieve these desired results is to incorporate an addition into your home.

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Bathroom Renovations in Greater Toronto

The bathroom is one of the more popular spaces to be renovated. Bathrooms are an essential part of your house for it is one of the most frequently visited spaces in a home. A bathroom, just as any room in a house, can carry many different styles and designs and can be created or re-modeled to portray a variety of different moods and attitudes whether the homeowner wishes to depict a homey and comfortable aesthetic appearance for their bathroom or a sophisticated and elegant presentation.

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Kitchen Renovations in Greater Toronto

Renovation is one of the more popular forms of upgrading your home or business but why renovate your kitchen? The kitchen is more frequently known for its established title of being the heart of every house. In this room, many friends, family, or even visitors gather here to prepare and share their annual meals of the day. This is a place where food is not just food but an artistic vision.

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Basement Renovations in Greater Toronto

Basements are used for a variety of different rationales. This is why it is important that you, as the homeowner, receive the basement that you desire. For any kind of basement usage, Mario Home Renovations can deliver determined and willing to work contractor’s team to your home – in Toronto, the GTA or surrounding York areas. Is it time for you to renovate your basement? With the help of Mario Home Renovations, you can get the task done smoothly and efficiently.

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Whole House Renovations in Greater Toronto

Are you searching for a way to upgrade your home to your preferred liking? Are you growing bored of looking at the same rooms every day when you return home from your daily priorities? Home renovation is one of today’s most frequent answers to these problems. Home renovation allows your chosen contractors to virtually alter, upgrade or re-model your lovely abode.

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